Dozens of things that you handle every day contain unhealthy chemicals. You may come into contact with chemicals at work and at school, but you should pay the most attention to those in your house. Learn about these 7 types of chemicals in your home.

Cleaning Products are Common Chemicals in the Home

You likely have an assortment of cleaning products in your home, like bathroom cleaner, furniture spray, bleach, glass cleaner, and more. Not only are they potentially toxic, but they can also interact with each other to make a dangerous mix. Combining bleach and ammonia, for example, creates deadly chlorine gas.

Fumes From Vinyl Flooring

Not all of the chemicals in your home are stored in bottles. Some of them are released as gas from other household materials. A common example is vinyl flooring, a popular choice for easy DIY upgrades. This flooring material releases phthalates, which are a possible cause of cancer.

Dry Cleaning Products Bring Chemicals in Your Home

Almost everyone has a few garments that need to be dry cleaned. Dry cleaning chemicals are dangerous and may affect your health. Dry cleaning services use products that pollute the air and release volatile organic compounds or VOCs. These chemicals are slowly released from the garments as you wear them, and may cause skin and eye irritation, headaches, nausea, and fatigue.

Pesticides Carried into Your Home

Even if you don’t use pesticides on your property, you may have unknowingly walked in pesticides outside and tracked them into your home. Your pets might do the same thing by walking in treated areas before the product has dried. This means you may be bringing in toxic and carcinogenic chemicals in your home. Get in the habit of removing your shoes at the door to limit the chemicals that are tracked indoors.

BPA in Water Bottles

You’ve probably heard about bisphenol A (BPA), a product found in certain types of plastic drinking bottles. BPA can increase blood pressure in adults and poses health risks to infants and small children. In response to these concerns, many manufacturers are now marketing BPA-free products. Purchase BPA-free cans and bottles to reduce dangerous chemicals in your home.

Formaldehyde in Manufactured Wood

Manufactured wood products are made from scrap wood that would have otherwise gone to waste. It’s a great idea, but some of these products release formaldehyde fumes into your home. Symptoms include nose and throat irritation, and exposure at high levels for extended periods of time has been linked to some types of cancer.

Chemicals in Your Home From Vinyl Shower Curtains

When you remove a new vinyl shower curtain from its packaging, you probably smell a strong odor. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a common material in shower curtains. Long-term effects may be carcinogenic, and shorter exposure can cause dizziness and headaches.

Many of the ordinary things we use every day have dangerous properties. Avoid bringing these chemicals into your home.

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