Most people turn on their AC on the first hot day of summer. Running the air conditioning constantly is expensive. The average household spends over $1,000 annually on energy bills. You may want to save some money by turning off the AC, or perhaps you don’t have a central air conditioning system. Here are 5 ways to cool your home without AC.

1. Close Curtains and Blinds During the Day to Cool Your Home Without AC

There are a few ways to cool your home without using an air conditioner. One of these is by blocking the sunlight from coming in from outside during the day by closing the curtains, blinds, and shades. Heavy blackout curtains are best for keeping all sunlight out and also provide windows with insulation.

2. Use a Fan or Two in Your Bedroom

Trying to sleep in a hot room is uncomfortable. Keep your bedroom cool at night by opening windows and using fans. The breeze from fans makes a windchill effect and circulates cool night air throughout the room. Also, use breathable sheets to stay cool in bed at night.

3. Turn Off Lights to Lower the Temperature Inside

Lightbulbs emit heat that increases the temperature in rooms by a few degrees. Incandescent lights get hotter than LED bulbs, so if you don’t want the house to be dark, invest in LED bulbs. LED bulbs are not only cooler, but they also decrease energy bills. Turn off appliances and devices during the day, which also generate heat.

4. Turn On Ceiling Fans

Turning on ceiling fans is a simple way to circulate air throughout the house to cool your home without AC. With so many different models available at most major retailers, you can find one with features like remote control operation, multiple speeds, and a light kit option. Make sure the fan is rotating counterclockwise, keeping the room cooler.

5. Add Insulation to Keep Your Home Cool Without AC

It is difficult to keep a house without adequate insulation at a comfortable temperature. Add insulation to the attic to keep cool air from escaping. Seal up gaps around doors and windows to prevent hot air from entering the home.

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