Everyone falls in love with their own home for one reason or another, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s uncommon for you to want to make upgrades and changes from time to time. Your tastes change, your vision changes, and you want your house to reflect you as a person. If you feel like your home has lost some of its charm and could use some attention, here are some home updates you can easily tackle over the weekend. These updates are quick, simple, and make a lasting impact.

Add Backsplash in the Kitchen

One of the simplest upgrades you can make is also one of the most impactful. By adding a beautiful backsplash to the kitchen walls, you give the room a major upgrade. It’s a cheap fix, and it’s one you can get really creative with. If you can do the tile work yourself, you can take on this easy home update in one afternoon and have an entirely new kitchen before bedtime. Classic white subway tile is always a nice addition, but pops of color and different patterns and textures are always eye-catching. A lovely herringbone pattern adds elegance, and penny round tiles add interest.

Upgrade Your Fixtures

If you’re looking for another easy home update to take one, why not replace your fixtures? Replacing things like your cabinet pulls and knobs can change the face of your kitchen and bathrooms without much effort. You can go traditional with classic new handles from the local home improvement store, or you can go out of your way to visit antique shops for vintage pieces. They might not all match, but they can add charm and character to your home. This is a small change, but it’s a big one. Additionally, it’s also nice to update faucets and light fixtures.

Kitchen Cabinet Updates

If there is one thing that homeowners don’t always think about, it’s how much a new paint color can help their cabinets. You might not realize this falls into the easy home updates category because cabinets are expensive and difficult, but painting them is not. If you have nice cabinets but you hate the color, you don’t have to have them removed. You merely need to paint them. First, take the doors off of your cabinets, remove hinges and hardware, prep by cleaning and sanding if necessary, prime both sides, and then paint them the color you want using a self-leveling paint. You can turn a dark and dreary kitchen into your light and airy dream kitchen in no time. It’s easy, and it’s something anyone can do.

Other Easy Home Updates

If you’re looking for simple ways to update your home this weekend, why not try painting your front door or shutters? You can add new mulch to your flower beds for a subtle but dramatic change, and you can add a new coat of paint to the exterior of your home for a few hundred dollars. It’s a great change, and there’s not much involved other than taking the time to do the work.

Easy home upgrades are a dime a dozen, but these are some of the best upgrades imaginable. They’re simple, they don’t take more than a few days, and they are not expensive. If you’re working on making your house a home, these are a few of the best places to start in terms of creating what you want and making it stand out. You don’t have to pour money into your home to make it shine. You just need a little time and some serious sweat equity to make it possible.

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