Electricity makes life easier, but when something goes wrong it can also be dangerous. Electrical problems are a common cause of house fires. Many people don’t know when something is wrong, which adds to the danger. Learn about the signs of electrical problems in the home so they can be remedied as soon as possible.

1. Strange Burning Smells Indicate Electrical Problems in the Home

Although new appliances may emit a strange odor when first plugged in, you should be concerned about any burning smells. When you notice an odor from any of the power outlets in the house, this is a sign of a problem. Disconnect any appliances connected to the outlet and call an electrician to determine the cause of the trouble.

2. Cheap Electrical Products

Poorly manufactured electrical products such as power strips, night lights, and extension cords are cheap and readily available. You might find them at discount retailers, online, and at flea markets. The products are often not up to industry standards and can be dangerous when used in your home. Avoid this problem by purchasing UL-certified electrical products from reputable companies.

3. Warm Outlets are a Sign of Electrical Problems in the Home

Warm outlets are a concern that an electrician should address. It may be time to replace the outlet. Call a professional to troubleshoot and remedy the problem.

4. Buzzing Sounds

If you notice buzzing noises when you have flipped on a switch, there is a problem. Disconnect electricity to the switch until an electrician can examine the outlet and determine the cause of the noise.

5. Flickering Lights

All lights flickering at once indicate a power surge, caused by the outlets are pulling too much electricity. Power surges increase the risk of electrical fires and cause unnecessary wear and tear to electrical components. If just one light is flickering, it could just be a localized issue with the fixture.

Know the Signs of Electrical Problems in Your Home

Knowing the signs of electrical problems will help keep your home safe and prevent electrical hazards in your home.

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