If you’re dealing with poor drainage around your house, plenty of solutions exist to improve the situation. Whether you’re looking for ways to protect your home from flooding, save money on maintenance costs, or make it easier for water to flow away from your yard, this article will show you how to improve drainage on your property.

1. Install a French Drain to Improve Drainage on Your Property

A French drain is one of the most effective ways of improving drainage. It consists of a trench filled with gravel or other material with a perforated pipe running along the bottom. The pipe collects water from nearby and carries it away, preventing standing water. French drains are relatively easy to install and can effectively protect your home from flooding.

2. Add Berm Trenches

A berm trench is a type of excavation that involves the creation of a long, narrow ditch or channel along a slope or contour in the ground. The trench diverts water and controls erosion by intercepting surface runoff and directing it to another location. The berm, or raised barrier, created by the soil removed from the trench is used to slow the water as it flows through the channel. You might make a planting bed or garden area along the berm, adding a functional and aesthetic element to your landscape.

3. Install a Catch Basin

A catch basin, or storm drain, captures and redirects water away from your property. This basin has an outlet at the bottom funneling water into a nearby drainage system or sewer. Catch basins effectively collect and divert excess water, preventing flooding and improving drainage in your yard.

4. Improve Drainage on Your Property with Water-Loving Plants

Installing water-loving plants around your property can be an effective way to improve drainage and reduce standing water and flooding. These plants absorb moisture from the soil, preventing it from pooling in the yard. Additionally, plants add color and life to the yard and provide habitats for wildlife.

5. Clean the Gutters to Improve Drainage

Cleaning and maintaining the gutters will improve drainage. Removing debris from the channels will help the gutters more effectively divert water away from the roof and into a nearby drainage system. Inspect your guttering system for damage and make repairs as needed.

By following these simple tips, you’ll improve the drainage on your property and protect your home from flooding and water damage. From installing drains to adding water-loving plants, these solutions help manage the moisture in your yard.

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