Summer provides fun in the sun, but the heat beating down on the lawn can take its toll on your turf. A lawn that isn’t well cared for will certainly show the effects, even dying off in small patches if the care that is needed is not consistently received. An ill-manicured lawn affects curb appeal and leaves visitors and onlookers with a less-than-desirable impression of your home. Luckily, using a few summer lawn care tips to maintain your yard will help your lawn look great all season long!

Summer Lawn Care Tips to Keep in Mind

Use the 6 summer lawn care tips below to keep your lawn looking immaculate throughout the summer.

1. Don’t Cut the Grass Too Short

Cutting the grass as low as possible might seem ideal since it reduces the amount of time you’ll spend outside using the mower. Instead, adjust the mower height to leave grass blades a bit taller, which keeps the grass at its best health since it shades the soil and helps retain water. The ideal height for grass varies according to its variety.

2. Use Sharp Lawn Mower Blades

Speaking of the lawn mower, make sure the blades are sharpened regularly. Dull blades cause tears to the grass, in turn causing the edges to brown and become disease-prone.

3. Clean Up After the Dog

Fido loves spending time outdoors during the summer, running, jumping, and otherwise enjoying dog life. Make sure you clean up his messes after he goes to the bathroom, however. Not only does dog waste look and smell bad, it also ruins your lawn. The same applies to urine. It is best to train your pooch to use the bathroom in a specific area of the lawn that you’ve mulched for that purpose.

4. Don’t Overwater

Infrequent, deep lawn waterings is one of the best lawn care tips you’ll ever hear. The lawn depends on water to help it flourish, but overwatering can cause more problems than you started with.

5. For Best Results, Mow When the Grass is Dry

If possible, choose to mow your grass on a sunny day later in the afternoon when the grass and soil are dry. Mowing over soggy, dewy ground can tear up the yard, and clumps of wet grass can get stuck in the mower deck. Wet grass also tends to yield an uneven cut.

6. Weed Control

Keep weeds at bay by using a weed control product for lawns from summer to early fall. This will eliminate existing weeds and prevent the growth of new ones.

Use the six tips above to keep your lawn looking its best. Using these easy tips at your home makes a tremendous difference in the overall look and appeal of your lawn. If you want a beautiful lawn all summer lawn, these summer lawn care tips make it attainable.

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