Many of us spend more time outside during warmer weather. Make your outdoor living space more appealing with these tips to update your patio.

Decorate with Plants to Update Your Patio

Colorful flowers and lush greenery add life to any space. Brighten up your patio with planters of bright blooms, a large potted tree, or create a container garden for herbs and vegetables.

Update the Floor

If your patio is concrete, paint or stain the floor. Use a stencil to create a pattern, paint a checkerboard effect, or choose a solid color stain to help beautify and protect the surface.

Add an Outdoor Rug

A rug makes a space feel cozy, defines an area, and adds a splash of color. Outdoor rugs are available in many sizes and colors. They are easy to clean and many are UV and water-resistant.

Build a Trellis for Privacy

Give your outdoor living areas some privacy by building a trellis along one side of the patio. Add fast-growing, climbing vines to fill the space. Choose plants with bright, fragrant blooms or bold foliage.

Invest in New Patio Furniture

If you’ve had the same furniture on the patio for more than 10 years, you’re overdue for an update. Patio furniture is exposed to the elements and becomes weathered and faded. A new set with comfortable chairs and cushions will revive your space.

If new furniture is not in the budget, use paint or stain to upgrade your furniture. Use spray paint on metal or wicker pieces to refresh and protect them. Wooden furniture can be sanded down and re-stained or painted.

Incorporate Lighting to Update Your Patio

Brighten up the space to make it feel more welcoming in the evenings. Add solar-powered stake lights around the patio or install them in planters. String lights are inexpensive, easy to use, and add warmth to the area. Torches with lamp fuel add light and help to keep mosquitoes away.

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