A fire pit acts as a focal point for your backyard living space and a place to gather with friends and neighbors. The fire pit extends the use of your patio by providing light and keeping everyone warm on chilly evenings. You can create a beautiful and functional centerpiece for outdoor entertaining with the right modifications. Here are a few tips on how to upgrade your fire pit.

1. Upgrade Your Fire Pit to Gas

Upgrading from a traditional wood-burning fire pit to a propane model provides a more reliable and controllable flame. With a propane fire pit, there is no need to gather firewood, tend to the fire, or deal with the mess and smoke that can accompany wood-burning fires.

Propane fire pits also eliminate concerns related to sparks, flying embers, and the risk of accidental wildfires. They provide a cleaner-burning alternative, minimizing the impact on air quality and reducing the environmental footprint. Propane fire pits offer a sleek and modern design, often featuring decorative elements and glass fire rocks that add an elegant touch to an outdoor space.

2. Update the Patio Furniture

Your fire pit will be the center of your outdoor living area, so choose chairs and benches that reflect that. From Adirondack designs to chaise lounges, you can find seating options in a variety of materials — from wood to metal to wicker — that fit your style. When investing in patio furniture, purchase covers to protect your pieces from the elements when not in use.

3. Install a Grill Top

To make your fire pit more functional, add a grill top. You can cook entire meals over an open flame or set a kettle over the fire to make warm beverages on chilly nights.

4. Incorporate Glass Rocks or Stones

Add lava rocks or fire glass to give the gas fire pit a modern look. Purchase heat-resistant stones designed for use in fire pits. They hold heat for hours and are available in various colors and sizes.

5. Add Lighting to Upgrade Your Fire Pit

Another way to upgrade the fire pit area is by adding lighting around the perimeter of the space. Solar-powered string lights, tiki torches, or LED accent lights provide illumination and create a welcoming aesthetic. Install the lighting far enough away from the flame to avoid safety hazards.

With the right modifications, your fire pit can become a stunning center of attention for outdoor gatherings. And with these tips, you’ll find inspiration to upgrade your fire pit.

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