Your roof blocks the sun’s harsh rays in the summer and protects your family and belongings from rain, wind, and snow. However, a roof may fail without proper maintenance and leave you with severe mold and water damage. The best way to protect your house and extend the roof’s lifespan is through yearly roof maintenance. Here are some of the tasks to add to your to-do list.

Hire a Home Inspector

Professional home inspectors can spot the signs of roof damage on the inside and outside of the house. For yearly roof maintenance, it’s a great idea to hire an inspector to perform an assessment. During the inspection, they will evaluate the interior and exterior of the roof, give you valuable information on its current condition, and alert you to needed repairs. 

Complete Yearly Roof Maintenance on the Inside of the Home

Most homeowners think about the exterior of the roof, but the interior of your home is often an early indicator of problems before they are noticeable outside. Check the ceiling in all rooms on the upper floor of your home for signs of:

  • Mold or mildew
  • Water staining or discoloration from moisture intrusion
  • Wood rot
  • Blistering or bubbling paint

If you have severe water damage, you might require a roof replacement to remove all compromised materials and prevent mold growth.

Thoroughly Clean the Gutters

The gutters funnel water off your roof and away from your home’s siding and foundation. Without clear gutters, water will settle around the base of the foundation and lead to cracking and flooding. Get on a ladder and remove leaves and other debris from the gutters multiple times a year. Flush the gutters thoroughly with a hose and check for cracks and other problems.

Yearly Roof Maintenance for the Exterior

After handling tasks on the interior, complete some checks on the outside of your property. Check the roof surface for signs that your roof is failing or aging. If you are comfortable doing so, walk on the surface to get a better look. When checking the roof surface, look for:

  • Moss or vegetation 
  • Curling, cracked, or missing shingles
  • Granules or black sandy material from the shingles in the gutters
  • Sagging 
  • Discolored shingles

Staying on top of yearly roof maintenance is essential. One roof problem may snowball into an issue that compromises the entire roof structure and, as a result, your family and home.

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