The view of your house from the street is the first thing buyers see. Before putting your home on the market, take steps to boost curb appeal. A good first impression may convince a homebuyer to tour your home. Here are seven ways you can improve the appearance of your property.

1. Landscaping to Boost Curb Appeal

Before listing your home, make sure your grass is healthy and freshly mowed. Trim bushes away from the walkway and cut low-hanging branches. If you have a flower garden, add some colorful plants. If you do not have room for flowerbeds, a few decorative pots with ornamental plants will help boost curb appeal.

2. Improve the Front Door

The entryway of your home is an important focus for curb appeal. Give your door a new paint job and remove any scuff marks. Update the doorknob, knocker, and kick plate. If there is a screen door, clean it well and oil the hinges. Test out the locks and make sure they are easy to operate. If they are sticky, loosen them with lubricant for locks.

3. Fix the Siding

Homebuyers look for a well-maintained exterior. Inspect the house for siding that is broken or loose and repair the damage. If the paint is intact, simply pressure wash your home to brighten it up. If the paint is fading or chipping, it is time for a new coat of paint to boost curb appeal.

4. Wash The Windows

Clean the windows and remove the screens to wash them. Hose off the screens, use a brush to scrub them clean, and let them dry before reinstalling. Wet the windows with the hose and use a cleaning solution to wash them. Dry them with a microfiber cloth or use a squeegee for streak-free glass.

5. Garage Door

Just like your front door, your garage door attracts a lot of attention to the house.  A dented and scratched garage door hurts the aesthetic of the whole home. You might get away with just repainting the garage door, but you should replace it if it is dented.

6. Boost Curb Appeal With a New Mailbox

Install a new mailbox to boost curb appeal. Alternatively, wash and paint your existing mailbox and add new numbers. Another easy improvement is to add a bright flag. If you do change out the mailbox, follow the Postmaster’s regulations.

7. New Exterior Lights Can Improve Curb Appeal

Replace outdated exterior lights with modern fixtures to give your home a completely different look and feel at night. Motion-sensing lights and energy-efficient bulbs are great choices. Line your walkway with inexpensive solar-powered lights to illuminate the path to the front door.

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