Winter is the perfect time to tackle indoor home improvements. One of the easiest projects is to freshen up your space with paint. You can repaint a room, create an accent wall, or repaint the cabinets. Whatever the project, picking a color can be challenging. You can select the perfect shade for your home with some helpful tips. Here are ways to choose a paint color before you begin.

Choose a Paint Color

1. Consider the Room’s Purpose

Before selecting a color, consider the room’s purpose and what emotions you want the space to evoke. Darker colors like red, blue, and green create a cozy, warm atmosphere in your living room. Lighter shades of blue and green are great for designing a calming and comforting feeling in your bedroom or bathroom.

2. Color Scheme

If you’re painting an entire room, consider the color scheme of the neighboring spaces. Your color scheme should coordinate with other rooms in your house, especially in an open design plan – a popular trend in interior design. You can select a complementary color, a monochromatic color scheme, or create an entirely new one.

3. Do Some Research

Once you’ve taken into account the purpose and color scheme, start looking online, in design magazines, or paint manufacturer websites, to find inspiration for your color palette. Save photos of colors you love to reference them when picking out samples at the store.

4. Color Sampling

After creating the color palette for your project, pick up paint swatches from your local home improvement store to see how they look in your space. Lighting affects colors, so examine the swatches in different lighting conditions throughout the day and evening. Don’t rush the decision-making process; live with your samples for a few days before deciding on a color.

5. Ask for Professional Help to Choose a Paint Color

If you’re still unsure what color to choose, don’t hesitate to contact a professional. Many paint suppliers offer color consultations where professional painters and designers come to your home for professional advice and tips.

Changing the color of your space provides an updated look and creates the mood and energy of a room. With these tips, selecting the perfect color for your next painting project will be much easier. Take your time, research, and consult a professional if necessary. Winter is a great time to tackle indoor home improvements and painting your home is an easy project to undertake.

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