Selling your home isn’t limited to listing the property and finding a prospective buyer. Another important aspect of a home sale is an inspection. Your buyer will hire a professional to assess the property before they agree to close on the deal. Here are some tips on how to prepare for a home inspection.

Clean Your House

When prospective buyers and home inspectors are scheduled to visit your house, be prepared for a high level of scrutiny. They will be checking every aspect of your home for flaws. Make sure the living spaces are clean and presentable.

Buyers are easily turned off by an unkempt lawn or a cluttered house. They will assume your home isn’t well-maintained. Clean and declutter the entire home and provide access to all areas the inspector and potential buyers will want to view. You might choose to hire a professional cleaner to deep clean the home, including the carpets, toilets, bathroom, and kitchen.

Prepare for a Home Inspection by Fixing What’s Broken

Many sellers don’t know what preparations can impact a home’s appearance and an inspector’s judgment regarding wear and tear. To prepare for a home inspection, some minor issues you should fix include replacing burned-out light bulbs, repairing a leaky faucet, oiling the squeaky doors, and patching holes in the drywall.

You can also perform preemptive maintenance and present the warranties and receipts to the inspector. These basic tasks include having the HVAC system serviced and the water heater inspected and drained.

Get an estimate before the inspector arrives if there is an issue that needs to be repaired. This shows potential buyers and inspectors there are no hidden or underlying problems in your home.

Connect All Utilities

To prepare for a home inspection, connect all the household utilities. During an inspection, the inspector will run the dishwasher, turn on the stove, test the air conditioning, and perform other tests to make sure all systems are in working order. The inspector cannot test the electrical outlets if the power to the house is off.

If the inspector cannot test some components of the property, they may reschedule for another time. This could delay the closing of the sale. It might discourage the buyer and you could be responsible for paying the inspection fees when the inspector returns to complete the assessment.

Prepare to Leave During the Home Inspection

To prepare for a home inspection, make plans to be away from your home. Buyers will feel more comfortable asking questions and learning about the property if you’re away. Leaving them alone gives them the freedom to explore the home and shows that you have nothing to hide.

When the inspection is scheduled, make arrangements to take your pets with you. The inspection will usually take a few hours to complete depending on the size of your home. The buyer’s home inspector should be able to give a better idea of how long it will take.

A home inspection is an essential part of the home-selling process. Make sure you follow the tips above to be well-prepared.

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