In the past, home inspections were usually requested only on previously owned properties. Today, however, home inspections appeal to a growing number of homebuyers. Why should you consider taking this step for your recently built home? Let’s look at a few reasons to order a home inspection for new construction.

Requesting a Home Inspection for New Construction

Some inspections occur during the building process. In addition to informal reviews conducted by construction supervisors, new homes must pass building code inspections by local authorities. These examinations don’t address all the items covered by professional home inspectors. Here are a few reasons why you should order a home inspection for new construction.

1) Discover Defects with a Home Inspection for New Construction

A busy site supervisor or a city building code inspector will lack the time and training to perform an extensive check of a roof or a crawl space. Home inspectors have the skills and the time to focus on a comprehensive examination of the property. The inspection will warn the homebuyer of any defects, issues, or safety concerns found in the property. With the information from the inspection report, the buyer can make certain the builder is responsible for repairs and fixes safety issues before the move-in date.

2) Assess Issues Beyond Minimal Construction Standards

Local code inspectors are looking for the minimum requirements for a building to be habitable. Their inspection is a basic review of code requirements. A professional home inspector is trained to do a complete assessment of the entire property. He or she will examine the structure, roofing, HVAC, electrical, grading and drainage, and all other systems and components of a home.

Many home inspection companies also offer specialized services, such as examinations of the sewer line, or inspecting for mold in the basement. Basic code inspections don’t cover these topics. If a property owner has invested in special types of materials or custom fixtures, it is important to verify these were installed correctly.

3) Fully Document the Condition of the Property

A professional home inspector will prepare a comprehensive, detailed inspection report (not a simple checklist). The report offers valuable, impartial information about the condition of the property. If the quality of the construction comes into question, the report supplies useful information about the property at a specific point in time. Down the road, if you decide to sell the home, you’ll have confidence knowing the home was solidly built with quality materials.

The Value of a Home Inspection for New Construction

The information in the inspector’s report assists the homebuyer in understanding the property’s condition and value. The inspection finds defects which might cause problems at a later date. It also provides an objective assessment of the condition of the property before the closing.

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