When you hear of air pollution, you usually think of smoke, smog, and exhaust in the air outdoors. However, indoor air is often more contaminated than the air outside. Luckily, there are some simple methods to improve indoor air quality at home. This article will explain the steps you can take to promote cleaner air indoors.

1. Use Ventilation Fans to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Humidity leads to mold, and mold spores contaminate the air. High humidity levels affect the indoor air quality in your home. The most humid places in the house tend to be the bathroom and the kitchen because of moisture from bathing and cooking. Usually, these rooms have built-in ventilation fans that can be turned on to help circulate the air. The hood vent will direct smoke and odors from cooking to the outdoors.

2. Add Some Houseplants

As long as houseplants are not overwatered, they can help air quality. Plants metabolize air and purify it in the process. NASA discovered that certain types of houseplants removed toxins from the air in a 1989 study. Bringing plants into the home cleans the air and provides a lively aesthetic.

3. Air Purifiers Improve Indoor Air Quality

Air purifiers are devices specifically designed to improve indoor air quality. However, choosing an air purifier can be overwhelming because there are so many options. Think about how large of an area you have and read reviews when choosing a purifier. You can find an option for any budget.

4. Change HVAC Filters Regularly

Every HVAC unit has either reusable or disposable filters that need to be cleaned or changed routinely. Regularly replacing these per the manufacturer’s direction is essential for maintaining good indoor air quality. Set a reminder on your phone’s calendar and on a physical calendar. With multiple reminders, you are less likely to forget.

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